Jan. 18th, 2012

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Hello and welcome to The Great Outdoors, your DW community for camping, hiking, paddling, and all things wonderful to do in the outsides. The goal of this community is to share experiences through gushing, pictures, and sharing of questions, information and opinions.

In a new post, please introduce yourself, tell us what you like to do outside, what your latest or favorite trip was, and if you have anything planned for the near future.

Have fun and be safe out there!


Jan. 18th, 2012 11:59 am
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Hello! My name is Kayla. I have only fallen in love with camping and hiking as an adult, so I have had a lot of catching up to do. I didn't grow up camping-- family of geeks, you know how it is. My husband, Mr.Luckey, did, however, so I could say I married into the hobby.
I live in Texas, so a lot of the outdoor activity I do involves hot weather-- I got a 20*F bag last fall that I'll only get to break in for the first time next month! Also, I'm only just getting my first set of long underwear... not typically of much use here. Le sigh. Our camping season tends to be opposite of most folks', spanning September to April/May, pretty much avoiding June, July and August unless immersion in water is a guarantee. I love to paddle, but we don't often have the chance to since we live in a big city. There are only so many times one can paddle a bayou.

My favorite trip I've had so far was last spring, a week long car-camping foray we did in central Texas based at Pace Bend Park on Lake Travis. We went with two friends we'd met at the Renaissance Festival the fall before, and did all sorts of things-- paddling, day trips to two other parks, lots of crossword puzzles and Apples to Apples, and tons of gourmet cooking in Camp Iron Chef. Our friends brought their little dog, who was a great surrogate for us for the weekend since we left ours at home with my in-laws.

In one month, we are going on our first backpacking trip, a long weekend (Thurs-Sun) at Enchanted Rock SNA. I'm giddy with excitement, as we finally get to break in some gear we've been slowly accumulating over the last year. We're planning on doing a bit of bushwhacking by staying off the beaten path to hike all 7 "peaks" in the park in one day, which is something our companions assure is a Thing To Do. I also look forward to breaking in the new dehydrator with some home-made pasta sauce, fruit leather, and assorted other delicious whatnots.
We're already thinking of what our first through-hike trip will be, likely the Lone Star Trail.

I look forward to seeing what other folks have to say! Welcome everyone!
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What a great community! I'm so excited.

I haven't been able to do much out-of-doors stuff lately due to health stuff, but I am hoping that will change. I did have a brief period of more activity this spring in which I was able to hike parts of the Potomac Heritage Trail, including a gorge. I have fibromyalgia, and I managed to climb a fucking gorge and live to tell the tale the next day. That was a pretty awesome feeling, especially when I thought I'd lost all the cool rock-scrambly hiking things forever.

I grew up with a lot of hiking and camping and canoeing. It's a cheap way to vacation with three kids. I love the stars at  night, and the crackle of firewood. I love the feeling of a canoe paddle as it slides through water. I love the rush and thrill of conquering some rapids just right.

I really miss it, and I want it back. *fingers crossed*


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