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I'm [personal profile] lab or [profile] staubundsterneon LJ and this is my introductory post! I mainly walk (my dog), (ice/snow) hike in the mountains and do yoga, I'm thinking about taking up climbing sometime this year.

I've always considered myself as a "child of the sea" and not a "mountain's child" to paraphrase Thomas Bernhard, and I only realised that I couldn't be further from truth when I moved away from Austria for more than a couple of months. In Spain, I first lived by the sea, and while the beach was gorgeous and the shindigs and barbecues were great, too, being outside and doing sports that had to do with the sea never really were my thing. When I was back home on holidays, however, I spent at least one day every time hiking in the mountains and have been doing so almost compulsively since I moved back to Austria.

Getting a dog is getting me outside (into the nearby forests and meadows or along the Danube) daily, and will do so longer once the pup's grown. It has also given me a new sense of body respect - my body is far from perfect or where I want it to be - but it does the job; it carries me through the world at a decent pace and is fast enough for me to chase my puppy around a bit.

Er, yes. This sounded more poetic and less warbly in my head. Anyway, I'm looking forward to meeting you all and hearing about all your adventures!

Mods: Are links to product reviews allowed? I've been doing a lot of sampling of winter jackets and general hiking gear in the past few weeks and will be compiling a review post over at my journal.
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